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Can you make an impact making notebooks?

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

The third batch of notebooks developed by Fusion.Bn

It has been approximately six months since I saw four college students make their pitch for the Junior Achievement's (JA) Student Company of the Year for the Asia Pacific region on their company FusionBN who sells local artwork on notebooks and art blocks. I wouldn't have expected such professionalism from such a young group at only 18 years old.

Q: Why did you decide to make notebooks and art blocks of all the businesses to choose from?

When we first joined this programme it was initially just an extracurricular activity for us, but as the team started to develop and discuss what we wanted to do we felt notebooks and art blocks were the way to go.

Kelvin, the CEO of Fusion.Bn presenting their first batch of notebooks last year.

This was not an easy decision for us to decide on as we were going all over the place from being a speakers club, making tote bags, making 3D laser cut out objects or keychains. Finally, we settled on notebooks and art blocks and invited our creative friends to put their art on the cover.

I believe creating art is important as art develops your mind differently. It inspires, develops creativity, and develops better thinking people and high order of thinking.

Q. Can anyone approach FusionBN to offer their artwork?

We want to offer it to those interested to start art which will give them a stepping stone to gain 1. work experience and 2. actual income where they will actually sell their art.

Q. What is the future plan for FusionBN?

We are hoping to move into the tourism industry and collaborate with places such as Royal Regalia, tourism shops, and bookstores to increase the promotion of our local artists.

We are also looking to collaborate with educational institutions to spark more interest in the art scene as feel those in the creative industries will help grow a more higher order thinking nation.

Q. What are you trying to complete?

We want to create impact.

First of all its the green impact - we want to ensure that the products we make are recyclable friendly. We are also planning to use a portion of our profits to buy seedlings and collaborate with green schools to encourage more environment friendly activities and increase awareness of caring more for the environment.

Secondly, employment impact by giving chance to aspiring artists, this will help to develop their creative thinking, mindset, artistic abilities to create more individuals with high order thinking skills to achieve our country's long term vision, Wawasan 2035 to develop well-educated and highly skilled people.

To get in touch with Fusion.Bn you can contact them through these channels:

IG -

Website -

Email -

Contact - 7267288

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