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Curious about social enterprises: check out 'The Social Space' in Singapore

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

If you're making a visit to Singapore during the upcoming fasting month, while being curious about 'What is a social enterprise?', The Social Space located in Singapore gives a great sneak peek and introduction of the different kinds of social enterprises that are out there globally.

The space which I had the pleasure of making a visit last year in December 2018, is beautiful inside and out and features a cafe / shop / nail saloon all in one venue tucked away in a spot that isn't too crowded. I find it the perfect place to catch up with friends away from the hustle and bustle but not too quiet that you feel like you're in a library.

As soon as I got to the space I wanted to try some of their breakfast items and if you are into coffee, be sure to try some of their cold brew as they have some interesting picks there. After a little grub and a little pow wow with the founder and owner Daniel, I had a look at the items they procured from different social enterprises all over the globe. You can tell that each item was meticulously picked and chosen very well because looking at everything, it was hard not to at least buy one thing back home.

I'd post more of the items, but there are just too many to post! Do check them out on your next visit to Singapore and best part yet, they have just opened a new branch! Congratulations Social Space!

To get in touch with The Social Space you can contact them through these channels:

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