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Lookback at 2018: building connections

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

In has been 6 months since a group of 6 ladies from Startup Weekend : Weekend edition got together, sharpened the initial idea behind Re:Act and won the competition!

Since the win, we have received great advice from our mentor Aimie, we met up with fellow winners in Ubud, Bali (amazing place, amazing experience) and connected with social enterprises in Brunei and beyond to hear their stories.

We allowed ourselves a bit of time to pause and reflect in December, digging deep to really understand the problems social enterprises have overcome or are currently facing.

What's been amazing is how willing people are to talk to us, be in person or over Skype. The world truly has many good people and we are excited to continue on this path of connecting purpose driven businesses together and really drive impact in our society.

Startup Weekend Women's Edition

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