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Let's get back to it. React!

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Last Sunday, 15 September 2019, we ran our first debut event as React - a company looking to be the hub to help social enterprises in Brunei and Borneo.

Our event which we called the "Conscious Marketplace" curated a total of 7 vendors which included: Kommunihub, Eco Ponies Garden, Handep, Helping Hands Penan, Suitable Reusables, The Food Jungle, and the Wildflower.

We wanted to share our favorite moments in photos in this short blog post. Enjoy!

Featuring - Chicken lemongrass a collaborative dish made by our food vendors: The Food Jungle and Eco Ponies Garden who specialize in making fresh food using ingredients from the jungle.

We loved our hanging floral decoration and the cozy setting we had for people to eat and get together.

These tiffins that are perfect for carrying food or for decoration purposes were so popular we almost sold out!

These limited edition bags made by Helping Hands Penan were quite the hit. Here are two sisters checking them out.

Aside from vendors, we also had some of them give talks to share their knowledge about how they run their business. Here is Randi, the CEO and Founder of Handep who shared his knowledge on social media branding.

For more photos. Check out our Facebook

Photography by Barry.Alley

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