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Women community builders unite!

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Over a year ago, we wrote a piece about Eyon and Eco Ponies Garden. Fast forward to 2020, we are working together with Eyon and her sister Yanong to run a weekend event to bring together the many gems of Tutong! Our overarching purpose is to support the UN SDG Goal #11 on Sustainable Cities and Communities : Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

(L to R - React Members Fatin, Nazurah and Shirley with Eco Ponies Garden sisters, Eyon and Yanong)

Through the farmers market, kampong style - we hope you will appreciate the Bruneian culture and heritage behind our herbs, our recipes and our crafts. Some are kept traditional, some have gotten creative, either ways our roots remain as one. We hope to also encourage local community businesses to continue with sustainable packaging and minimize the use of plastic waste.

Take the time to spend a few hours at Eco Ponies Garden, bring a book, enjoy a cup of coffee and local cakes - revel in the slowness and beauty of life.

A little sneak peak into what's coming soon. Stay tuned!

As always, React events will contribute some of our profits towards global renewable projects. We will publish our certificate as evidence of our commitment to support worldwide efforts to tackle climate change.

P/S The event will coincide with International Women's Day! There's no better way to celebrate this than to collaborate with fellow female change-makers who are in it for the greater good.

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