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Re/miniscing our Re/think food event

Can't believe it's been over a month since our event happened and we are so thankful it took place just before the COVID-19 situation escalated.

Our Re/think food is the second event that we organised - this time collaborating with Eco Ponies Garden and the wider Tutong community to celebrate Brunei Darussalam's annual Gastronomy event, which incidentally coincided with International Women's Day.

To be honest, planning the event made us really nervous. Even though was our second time, this was the first collaboration with Eco Ponies Garden,Tutong. The thoughts going through our heads were: Do we have enough time? Will anyone even come? Do we have enough resources to run this event?

But it came through beautifully. The communities from Tutong understood the concept of the event. All we had to do was show them where to set up. Here is a little preview of some of our favorite things:

Your favorite kampong food served in a way that's high end restaurant worthy.
Coincidentally a lot of our vendors were women.
It wasn't just all about cooked food. We also had fresh produce for sale.
This was one of our favorite foods - Spicy Bakso. Definitely not for the faint hearted.
We also had a little corner for children by Creativate.

After a two day weekend event, we were grateful with the turnout, the media coverage and how profitable the event was for the vendors.

We were pleased that a lot of the people that came were first timers to Eco Ponies Garden and were willing to make their way to support small business communities. We have always believed in #buyingwithapurpose and bringing conscious experiences to folks in Brunei.

This is only the beginning of our collaboration with Ecoponies, stay tuned as we have something planned coming soon!

P.s/ To check out more photos, click here.

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